The Apex English for Adults (19 and above)

► Apex Academy offers English courses aimed primarily at adult and university students from beginner to advanced level for improved fluency and communication skills. While conversation is the main emphasis, students also focus on vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and pronunciation. The course is presented in 90 minute periods three evenings a week for a total of 60 hours.

► Classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned and well equipped. Maximum class sizes are 18 students although classes are generally smaller. Only experienced, qualified native speakers are used for presentation. They are assisted by an exceptional administration staff who liaise between students and teachers giving students individual attention and support when needed. Students follow a course book supported by a workbook for home study. Teachers also supplement the coursework with materials from the extensive resource library at Apex Academy.

► This course is ideal for older students wanting to improve their general fluency and communication skills for both business and study purposes.