The Apex English for Children (6-10)

► Apex Academy believe that if children are taught English since young, they will enjoy the whole learning experience more and develop a confidence in fast self-development. For 6-10 age group, they need a relatable approach to English that match their learning style.  

► For that reason, beside a solid foundation of all four English core skills, The Apex English for Children course pays special attention to developing Listening and Speaking skills.  This approach is the reason why Apex Academy is held in high regard in English educating industry.

► Children are encouraged to use English via hands-on activities like games, songs and extra-curriculum activities.

► Aside from English classes, Apex students can participate in outdoor activities such as games, quizzes, presentation and description of facts, sceneries and human in English.

► All outdoor activities are followed and instructed by our passionate native-English-speaking teachers. Students will learn English via language immersion without translation. This will help them understand English in its relating context, and absorb the language naturally while having fun with their friends.