The Apex English for Teenagers (11-18)

► The Apex English for Teenagers program is structured in a way to prepare them for the future. We take a more academic approach to get them ready for the prospect of studying with international institutions or working for an international company.

► The main focus is on developing evenly the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Our aim is to develop their confidence and fluency in using English, which enabling them to go directly into an international program or take an examination to study abroad.

► Even if your purpose of learning English is for traveling, working for an international company or just want to better understand what you read on the Internet, our range of contemporary topics ranging from Business, Art, Environment to Sports will keep you engaged.

► Senior students will practice complex communication skills such as developing arguments, giving opinions, decision making and working as a team in English.  All in a safe, friendly learning environment, Apex Academy’s experienced and knowledgeable native teachers will help you develop the language skills you need to be successful in the modern academic world.