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The Apex English for High School Ages (16-18)

  Whether you’re interested in studying abroad, traveling, and working for an international company or just want to better understand what you read on the internet, the Apex Seniors English (ES) program is designed to prepare you to use your language skills in the real world. Open your mind beyond the basics and explore contemporary topics ranging from business, art, the environment to sports.

Practice complex communication skills such as developing arguments, giving opinions, decision making and working as a team in English. All in a safe, friendly learning environment where our experienced and knowledgeable teachers will help you develop the skills you need to be successful in the modern academic world.

Combining general and academic English, Seniors English also helps prepare you for popular university admissions test, such as IELTS or SAT, with activities and course work that will put you on the pathway to getting a high score. Discover your potential and a complex new world at Apex Language Academy.