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The Apex English for Pre-School Ages (3-6)

Very young, pre-school children are developing at an incredibly fast pace, constantly expanding their knowledge. Apex Academy designed a unique program that takes full advantage of this ability.            


   The program is very flexible which allows to work with different learning styles and age groups.  Through the structure of our activities-based curriculum, the children will learn English language quickly and naturally. Classes are relaxed and filled with fun, hands-on activities including songs, arts and crafts, storytelling, drama and games. The program is designed to help children not only communicate in English successfully developing their listening, speaking and writing skills, but also expand their general knowledge about the world.           




  The classes are small (up to 15 students) and meet regularly twice a week on Saturday and Sunday. The program consists of ___ teaching hours and includes a professionally produced CD/Workbook Set (plus an extra material for older students) to practice what they’re learning at home.   

  All the teachers at Apex Academy are trained and experienced native English speakers who are passionate about children and education.

 Let your child gain confidence and become proud of their knowledge!