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The Apex English for Primary School Ages (6-10)

  Apex Primary English program is especially designed for the ages between 6 and 10 (young learners) who wish to learn English language in a natural way since early ages. Students will learn English with the immersion method, which is the English learning process does not go through translation and just acquire the language by understanding it in contexts and use English with native speaker teachers.    

    For young learners our main focus is teaching the four skills, speaking, writing, reading and listening. We believe that if a student can initially get a solid foundation, their future learning experience will be immensely beneficial to them. We have specifically chosen text books to suit this approach. At the very early age of six to eight the books are designed to focus mainly on listening and speaking.

    The instructor will follow up with various speaking activities related to the lesson. We believe that if children are taught to speak English at an early age they will enjoy the whole learning experience and will have the confidence to improve rapidly. This unique approach of concentrating on speaking is one of the main reasons why Apex is held in such high regard. At the age of eight to ten the student will focus mainly on speaking, however the other three skills will also play an important role in their development. This will ensure they have a solid academic foundation for a bright future.